Бесплатная доставка по Москве с примеркой

StyleCharmer NewYork about SOL'

StyleCharmer NewYork about SOL'

Russian Fashion Brand You Need to Know in 2016

As we are in the middle of the New York Fashion Week and there are of thousands of talented bloggers and social influencers broadcasting live what excites them on the runways, I would like to introduce you to a duo of quite unknown designers from Russia, whose beautiful aesthetics has caught my attention lately. I am always "hunting" for really exciting new fashion initiatives all over the world. This time, please welcome SOL' Designers, founded by two friends: Olga Selivanova, a fashion photographer and Anna Kovalenko, a florist and interior designer based in Moscow, Russia. The name of their brand refers to "salt" in Russian, which according to the designers stands for a magic ingredient; with just the pinch of it,  the taste of entire dish could be changed into something completely surprising. This name is not accidental, as these two ladies started their adventure with fashion designing headdresses, hair kerchiefs and head accessories from such materials as silk and cashmere. They believed that this tiny accessory can transform the entire outfit. The head pieces are deeply rooted in the Russian fashion history; just think of babushkas and innocent blue eyed girls wearing head scarves on the old Russian paintings, photographs and in the fairy tales. 

SS16 collection from Sol' Designers has been enriched with dresses, blouses and traditional jackets with a sporty-romantic feel. They are implications of womanhood's fundamentals: sensuality, innocence and delicate romantic minimalism. The designers believe that timeless classics will be forever in fashion. The dresses are made of fine silk and chiffon. There are beautiful transparent blouses and classic blazers in unusual colors like pistachio, powdery pink and beige, emerald, ash-grey rose, cinnamon and pastel mint. 

I have recently read that the fashion retailers are lamenting because the sales figures are really low this winter, the reason being that consumers are bored with the repetitive themes and trends and lack of novelty in fashion. For many years fashion journalists have been announcing the return of modern minimalism but then there are twists and turns of that statement on the runways. What I like about SOL' Designers' style is the notion of innocence and mysterious allure without over-ornamentation, and unnecessary adornments. The clothes are simple, yet extremely feminine, strongly referring to  the local traditions but at the same time modern and brave. I would wear every single piece of this collection. When I think about SOL' Designers' clothes,  what comes to mind are the haunting  memories of the innocence girls from the "Picnic Under the Hanging Rock", beautiful Russian folk tales illustrations, and real elegance of the French movie stars from the 60s and 70s. However, it is worth emphasizing that Anna and Olga are expressing their unique opinions in the modern fashion world; not the loud, over-stating blah blah but a special delicate intricate low-key message for those who love the ethereal nature of what fashion should be,  an ineffable and visually astounding beauty.


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